Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Artist Feature- Susan's BeadHappy

Thanks, Crystal, for featuring my shop,

I'm Susan... full-time wife and IT person, recent empty-nester, and night/weekend jewelry designer. Making beautiful jewelry is my stress relief! I began beading about six years ago, when I was shopping for jewelry items for friends, family, and myself, and thought, "Hey, I could make this myself!" After all, beading is mostly about stringing things together in a row. Or so it seems, until you realize there's lots of creativity and technique involved. At the time, I was experimenting with macro photography with flowers, moss and other natural things, so when my friends talked me into establishing an online shop, it was fairly easy for me to switch to taking photos of my jewelry. I decided to establish my shop on Etsy, and finally made "that first sale".

Now, of course, I'm addicted to beads and creating pieces with them. My children refuse to enter a craft store with me, because they know they'll have to drag me out.

About my jewelry... I love natural stones with flash--labradorite, moonstone, and tigereye. I adore pearls, turquoise, faceted gemstone briolettes and sterling silver. During the past year, I've enjoyed taking rhinestone necklaces & earrings and painting them in bright and happy colors. Anything colorful and sparkly is beautiful to me. My rosaries and religious necklaces also have a very special place in my heart... I feel connected to every piece I make, but especially to my religious items. To me, they're "giving back" to God any talent He's given me.

My shop has had customers from California to New York, Florida to Minnesota. My jewelry has traveled to Canada, Malaysia, Australia, Norway, Germany, Japan, the U.K., Switzerland, Singapore, and New Zealand. I'm very, very grateful for my customers... they are the reason I'm in business, and I try to make them happy. 

Thanks for reading about my shop, and please come visit, even if you're "just looking"... I'd love to hear from you! :-)


CalliopeCreations said...

Susan sounds like a lovely Lady who works from her heart. ♥

Andrea said...

Great article.

Dorene Nowatzke said...

Thank you for the introduction!

She Who Must Read said...

Beautiful jewelry and rosaries!