Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Meet the Artists

Meet the artists who are participating in the Capture Images: Nature & Life art show on April 25-28.  Please remember, these images belong to the artists and are copyright to them! Thank you.

I am an SAHM (Stay At Home Momma!) with a photography background and an itch to share my perspective.

*Loud Waterfall* was an apt nickname for a precocious, headstrong child ~ as an adult, the same still applies ....

I have always been in the arts ~ fine art degrees, curating private collections, and creating my own art. As a new momma, I am finding aspects of the art process that both expand my awareness and satisfy my need to create.

I am a photographer in Naperville, Illinois. I took my first photography course at sixteen and went on to study photography in college before founding The Shutterbug Eye in 2009. My work covers a broad range, from dreamy nature scenes to modern day ruins and surreal portraits, as well as the dark and macabre.

As a member of The Artisan Group, my work has been included in exclusive GBK gift lounges preceding the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and MTV Movie Awards. This fall I will have work displayed at the GBK Primetime Emmys Gift Lounge as well as in the celebrity gift bags. My work has also been gifted to Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker.

In addition to traditional print work, I also make jewelry from my photography. My photography and jewelry designs are available here in my shop and may be purchased from the gift shop at Cantigny Park and Gardens, in Wheaton, Illinois. Cantigny is a special place and one in which I find inspiration.

I love to look at the world around me through my lens. Capturing moments that can be looked back on by generations to come is something that I hold dear to my heart.
I find inspiration all around me, in the faces of my three chidren, in quiet moments stolen with my husband and best friend. Colors and moods, fabrics and sunlight, storybooks and fleeting moments. The world around me is my muse and I am thrilled to be able to do what I truly love everyday.
This shop is my liitle corner of the web where I can share what inspires me and makes me feel. I hope to make your homes and lives just a tiny bit brighter with my work.

“I tend to lose myself completely when I’m taking pictures. It’s like my camera becomes part of me and because of that, I’m able to capture a beautiful image.” ~ Anita Miller

When I am taking photographs, I see myself as a listener and a storyteller. Through the camera’s lens, subjects reveal themselves and are turned over and assimilated on an almost intuitive level. I can tell you almost immediately on looking through the camera’s viewfinder the story I want to tell or the vision I want to portray, which may or may not be immediately achievable. I can spend hours taking photographs of the same subject just to capture that one image or series of images that I had in my mind’s eye when I started.

I maintain a library of almost 50,000 of my images, a testament to my long term relationship with the medium. Time spent photographing is almost equaled in the studio. I’m an interpreter of my own photographs, utilizing various editing techniques to ensure the original vision is accurately translated to paper. My greatest satisfaction as an artist is when viewers make an emotional or intellectual connection with a photograph that mirrors my original intention for it. The time spent to achieve this result is worth it.” 

I started taking photographs a few years ago and it has become my passion. I take my camera with me anywhere I go because beauty is everywhere and I never want to miss a shot.

I focus on nature – landscapes, insects, animals, birds, and flowers. Most of my photographs were taken in New England, but you will also find photos from my travels.

My work has been used by the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, Common Ground High School, elan Magazine and the Connecticut Butterfly Association..

When I'm not taking pictures, I spend my days as a mom, Montessori teacher and gardener.

I love to travel. Collecting memories is my favorite activity in my travel. 

*Location: Orange County, California*
*Originally from: France*
*Favorite materials: Nikon camera and photoshop*
I am a self taught photographer based in Orange County, CA.
All my creations are a representation of how I see the world through my camera.
A lot of my photos were taken during my travels, but I am very lucky to now have California as my new playground!
RetroLove stands for my love of vintage and dreamy photos.

Hi, I'm Jillian Audrey! I'm a writer, photographer, and designer. I've lived in California, New York and Arizona, and now I call Boston home. I recently graduated with my MFA in writing and when I'm not spending time photographing or crafting, you can find me typing away and drafting the next Great American Novel.

I fell in love with photography more than 15 years ago when I was first handed an old film camera. Since then, I've taken a wide variety of photography courses and workshops including darkroom, digital, commercial and alternative processes.

I love artwork, jewelry, photography, and creating works that bring out emotions in other people, especially if those emotions are unexpected.

I think there is beauty all around us, if we just look for it and appreciate the world we are in. This philosophy is reflected in my artwork -- many of my photographs are of places and things that are often overlooked in daily life but are indeed very beautiful, such as abandoned buildings, farmhouses, and old signs. I've been known to spend hours poking around old buildings and wandering down abandoned streets with camera in hand.

I have had a love for photography since I was about eight years old. My Dad was a gadget geek and gave me his old Kodak Instamatic. From him, I inherited my love of cameras and photography. My Mom is a painter, and her specialty is landscapes. She loves Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, and that influence is often seen in her beautiful work. I love the logic and technical aspects of photography, but I also enjoy the vast, creative spectrum that it has to offer. I am thankful to my Mom and Dad for planting the seeds of my creative side and providing the encouragement and belief in my ability.

My shop name is inspired from one of the oldest wooden bridges in the United States. It is in the coastal town of Duxbury, Massachusetts and very close to where I grew up. Although I now live in Virginia, when I do get home for a visit, it includes a walk or two at Powder Point. The bridge leads to the ocean, and walking across it, one can smell the fresh sea air while enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is the place I go to remind myself that life is about living--not working and has been a wonderful, creative source for my art.  

My name is Jessica Nichols and I'm a self-taught photographer. It is the magic in the ordinary that catches my eye. I'm also a wife, mama and four-time non-Hodgkins lymphoma survivor. I love drift wood, ruffles, lanterns, old buildings, acoustic guitars, brown ales, the pale winter sun, the promise of spring, the sound of the wind in the trees.

Eventide is my favorite time of day -- you know, that whole magic hour thing.

Almost forgot...there's one more:
Crystal Gayle Photography - Crystal
 I enjoy photographing almost everything including nature, still life, and children. My photography is based from Altona, Manitoba and surrounding areas. Some of it has been taken in different areas of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park. Most of my inspiration comes from God’s beautiful planet He’s created. I love that He has given us such miraculous creations in nature that sometimes we fail to see. I also take inspiration from other photographers and their work.


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Those are very nice. I admire the talent that others can capture with the camera, especially nature pictures.

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Such talented artists. Love nature pics.

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Absolutely stunning work. Very talented people.

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Lovely photography. I love nature photos. Such talent.

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