Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Flowers, Food & Sunrise

Seems it's been a pretty busy summer.  Took some time out of my day while cooking to take some photos of my blooming Gerber Daisy yesterday.  
Then this morning, instead of taking my morning walk, I decided to take my bike and go do some shooting.  Somehow the time slipped away very quickly and I think I'll have to go another morning or two!



 5. This is my favorite from the bunch of flowers.

 6. This is my other favorite! 


10.  One of my favorites from this morning!


 14. Manitoba Sunrise
15. Countryside Sunrise





Anonymous said...

Beautiful Work!

Gina Crane said...

Love the pictures of the dew on the flowers. You do awesome work!

uniquecozytreasures repurposingstyle said...

Crystal, You take some of the most beautiful photography. What type of camera do you use from them? Just curious.

Jesse said...

Wonderful Photography... You have a great eye for what you do... :-)

Evie's Artful Card Shoppe said...

Yes, awesome work! What camera do you use and what lens for the macro shots?

Janet G said...

#5 is also my fav. And #15 too. Very nice shots

Crystal Zacharias said...

Evie's I have a Nikon D80 and used a 105mm Nikon lens for macro shots.

However-it's important you know how to use your equipment as you can take some of these shots with almost any camera if you know how to set it.

Krysthle Poitras said...

My fav is no 2! Love your pics! Youre very talented :D

Dell Cove Spice said...

Gorgeous!! Love how your food photography is evolving!