Saturday, 24 October 2015

Holiday Gift Guide for the Yarn Enthusiast

Ok, couldn't help myself.  Been browsing a lot of yarn lately and so I've made a compilation of lovely yarns from Etsy.  Unfortunately I couldn't include them all!
Too many favorites from NaRoKnit shop!  I can't make up my mind as I'm actually hoping to order myself some!

From Renaissance Yarns is this lovely bundle!

From Yarn Rescue is this lovely variegated yarn!

And these shades of blue from

From lightbrownhare

So tempted to buy this piece!  I love the thick and thin yarn!  So much fun to work with!  This one is from Fluffdujour

Another beautiful collection of blues from MYandGG

Now, that's a big ball of wool from woolWOW

WendyWonders127 has some stunning skeins too!

Endless idea on Etsy!  Hope this helps you shop for your yarn enthusiast on the list!


ad friesen said...

And here I had promised myself I wouldn't purchase any more yarn!
Beautiful choices.

Crystal Zacharias said...

ad friesen-tell your children and hubby to buy you more yarn. And if hubby doesn't believe you need more, tell him it will help insulate the house for the winter until you've crocheted it up!