Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year

A new year is here which means a time for a new start.  Yes, we do get a new start each day.  However, a new year is a good time to set new goals and revisit past goals.

I was reading on social media about people looking for a word of the year.  Having never chosen a word of the year before, I thought about how one would go about choosing a word for one self for the year.

This afternoon, I ventured out for a walk in the beautiful -19C weather (apparently it was -28C with the windchill, but I wouldn't have said it was that cold).  My thoughts wandered to the worship service we had in church this morning, which led to prayer for changes happening in our church.  At some point in my walk, my thoughts turned to the word of the year again and I believe it was God that gave me the word FOCUS.

As I pondered on this word, I realized there were multiple ways I needed to focus in my life.

1. FOCUS on God.  Spend more time in His Word and with Him in prayer and listening to Him.  It seems we always have time to check our social media multiple times a day, but how many times a day do we really take time to pick up the Bible to read it.  We can call or text our family and friends all day long, but how many minutes do we take to talk to the One who is in control of our life?

2. FOCUS more on the needs of my husband.  So often, my thoughts are more self focused than that of others.  I need to relax or I need a night out.  Yes, I have a full time job raising and teaching my children throughout the day, but I have only a little idea of the stress and workload he has to deal with when owning/operating your own company.  And at the end of the day, sometimes a sit down and put the feet up is exactly what is needed.

3. FOCUS more time on my students and their studies.  Every morning, I sit with the children while they work on their school.  When they work independently, it's so easy to send myself into worlds via social media or texting friends.  This year, I want to set the phone and computer aside during school time and keep my focus on the children, even if they are busy working alone.  Instead, I can spend the time looking at what is needed for the next subject or maybe even the next day's studies.

4.  Ironically, FOCUS also applies to my small business I run on Etsy and Redbubble.   As a photographer, I'd like to focus on getting new photos available for my customers.  With small children at home, I have a hard time getting out and creating new prints and pillow covers for customers, but this time I'd like to spend more free time in this area as well.

So many areas in life can focus on and yet we need to remember to choose what is important.

I'm hoping to keep this blog more updated this year with new photos, new areas in life I'm setting my focus on, and achievements God leads me too!  Together with Him, we can make it a wonderful year!

Monday, 29 February 2016

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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Finishin up Projects

So, this is what my table beside my recliner has looked like lately.  Unfinished projects that slowly are getting somewhere.

So here's what I've had on the hook this winter...

A doll blanket that three girls would like to have.  Thinking I'll have to make two more and then let them figure out who gets which one....or put them in random bags and let them each take one bag and they get what they get.  Was hoping to have them done for Christmas, but when one blanket went wrong, I lost motivation to get them done.

This is the second one.  I had it nearly done and then I realized it was lopsided.  I'm hoping I can maybe just add a few stitches in to get it straighter...straight enough that it won't bother me every time I see it anyways.

I also crocheted a bunch of scarves before Christmas to use up some of my yarn I had lying around.  Hoping to use up a bunch of old stuff so I have an excuse to buy more.  Not sure what I'd like to all crochet, but I do have my eyes on a few patterns.  So I'm trying to be good and not buy any more yarn without knowing what I'm going to make.  

 Thanks to my friend Audrey for the beautiful button on this one!  I really love those unique wooden buttons you ordered!

 Infinity scarf in brown.

Infinity scarf in green.

Infinity scarf in blues and browns.

Here's a new hat pattern I found.  Saw it, loved it, and had to try it.  It was quite confusing at first, but after reading, rereading, and rereading again a few more times, I figured it out.  I'm always up for a good challenge.  Needless to say, I'm supposed to make another one.  Hoping I can figure out how to make this in a larger size for me too!  Love the cable look!  Omitted the pom pom on top.

There's still a huge stash of cotton yarns in a storage box in my living room that I need to decide what to do with.

And since we had some dolls given here for Christmas gifts, I found a pattern I fell in love with and had to sew some dresses.  Sadly I misread the pattern and made them out of a heavy knit rather than a light weight one.  I'm glad the pattern worked well otherwise.  I think I see more knit dresses in the future for these beautiful dolls!