Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Camera Tutorial #1

Today's tutorial is regarding shooting modes. Most point and shoot and entry level DSLR cameras have different shooting modes that make things a little easier for you to get better photos. Some cameras will have different specs, so it's best to confirm with your camera's manual on the specs for your camera.

Some of the shooting modes on your camera will probably include auto, Aperture priority (A), Manual (M), Shutter priority (S), Programmed Auto (P), macro (close-up), sports, landscape, portrait, and night portrait.

Most people are comfortable shooting in auto, but don't always get the photo to turn out as they like. So, next time you're taking a photo, try using one of these modes:

**Macro-any really close up photos you're doing. Often a good idea to use a tripod and a shutter release or the timer on the camera to avoid any blur on the photo. Check your manual to see how close you can get.

**Sports-great for shooting all the action at sports events.

**Landscape-used for shooting outdoors when capturing a landscape. Great for any outdoor scenery really!

**Portrait-for doing portraits of people. I could see this working great for product photos too as the product is your models.

**Night portrait-used for low lighting portraits.

Friday, 17 August 2012

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