Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Yellow and Green

And I'm not referring to John Deere!  I was out weeding in my garden and thought I should take my camera out before all the blossoms were gone and the produce was growing.  So, here's a glimpse...oh yeah, some of it is actually weeds!
Tomatoes-I have 18 plants and am hoping to get a lot of tomatoes to can salsa, tomato soup, and tomato chunks.

I love fresh cucumbers, so I have to plant these.  Two of my 4 plants is doing well.

Zucchini plant!  I have four plants that came up.  I will need lots of ideas of what I can all make with zucchini!

A weed by a rusty tap on a rain barrel.  Thought it added a little something to the photo!

Anyone know what will be blooming here?  I know, but am wondering, do you?

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