Thursday, 11 November 2010

Equipment Decisions

Since I started seriously into photograph, I've had a dream to do macro photography.  Up close.  Things you don't see every day with your eyes.  Things you have to look real close to maybe see!

Well, I've decided it's time to start saving up for one of them fancy lenses.  Originally, I wanted this one:
And then recently I discovered this one:

(A dream of mine to have a huge long lens like all the real big pros-although this wouldn't be quite long enough yet!!)

So, now, it's come time to start saving money (and selling everything in my house I don't need so I can just possibly get that big lens...and a friend convinces me to go with:

...the little guy!  Yes, great reasons that I over-looked.  It's cheaper (which is a huge plus), it's faster (very good idea), and it's got VR (love that)!

So, on to saving up money.  Once I've got it, you better believe I'll have some sweet new prints available for purchase.

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Kim said...

no comment... i'm a Canon gurl. hehee ;o]

Crystal said...

We can't all be the same....Nikon and Canon are top cameras for sure!