Thursday, 6 January 2011

Coasters, keychains, mugs

I'm looking at expanding product line and would like your input on whether any of these would appeal to you!

The coasters are available in square individuals or a set of four circles with holder.
The keychains are a metal so quite sturdy and classy looking.
The mugs are available in different sizes and styles.

I'm looking at placing my first order this weekend so would love your input or custom orders asap!


Unknown said...

look forward to seeing the products!

miss chris said...

ooh sounds like tons of fun! I would definitely be interested in a keychain, or coasters. Great gift ideas!

~ miss chris

Lbtoyos said...

I wish these new options give you a lot of sales!!!

Christie Cottage said...

Sounds like a good idea :-)


Dee said...

I like keychains and mugs, would love to see them.

Unknown said...

I think they are all nice. Should be good for you!

asdesigns said...

I love the key chains! They all look great though. Can't wait to see them