Tuesday, 8 January 2013

For The Love Of Photography

Wow, this year is a year for new things! I'm participating in my first ever virtual art show!

January 24-26, 2013, a group of female photographers of etsy (fPOE) will come together and not only showcase their work, but also have some great sales!

And, some of these shops are also providing items for the giveaway packages as well! See rafflecopter widget at bottom to enter!

Participating in this event are the following:

Business Name:   Nature’s Images By Design

Owner:   Anita Miller
Discount Offered:  10-50%

Business Name:  ImagesByCW
Owner:   Claudia Willison
Discount Offered:  15-50%

Business Name:   Melissa Lund Photography
Owner:   Melissa Lund
Discount Offered:  20-40%

Business Name:   AngsanaSeeds Photography
Owner: Ivy Ho
Shop Album:  http://bit.ly/forLoveIvy
Discount Offered:  20%

Business Name:  Traveling Gal Photography
Owner:  Erika Lafrennie
Discount Offered:  25% off select items

Business Name:  BleuOiseau Photography
Owner: Ashleigh A. Coyner
Discount Offered:  15-50%

Business Name:   Crystal Gayle Photography
Owner: Crystal Zacharias
Discount Offered:  20-50%

 Business Name:  ooh pretty shiny ... / sweet dreams & honey
Owner: Laura Evans
Discount Offered:  15%

Business Name:  Powder Point Photography
Owner: Katie Griffin
Discount Offered:  NONE

Business Name:  Beneath Northern Skies Photography
Owner: Angie Rea
Discount Offered:  15-40%

Business Name:  Abra Alani Photgraphy
Owner: Abra Alani
Discount Offered:  15%

Business Name:  Erin Johnson Photography
Owner: Erin Johnson
Discount Offered:  20-40%

Business Name:  jude McConkey Photography
Owner: jude McConkey
Discount Offered:  25%

Business Name:  Dull Blue Light Photography
Owner:   Crissy Mitchell
Discount Offered:  TBD

Business Name:   Loud Waterfall Photography
Owner:  Chelsea Sullens
Discount Offered:  TBD

 Business Name:   Karen Webb Photography
Owner: Karen Webb
Discount Offered:  20-40%

Business Name:   Amelia Kay Photography
Owner: Amelia Matarazzo
Discount Offered:  25%


nangatesdesigns said...

What a great idea to group together and have a virtual art show. I hope you all have many sales!

Unknown said...

What a great selection of photos! Hope it brings many sales to you!

Michelle said...

You are part of a great group of artists - You all have beautiful work! Best of luck - wishing you all many sales!!

Unknown said...

Great blog, Crystal! Thank you!

magdamagda fashion said...

This sounds spectacular! I'm so impressed by all these photos! Just beautiful!

ariella42 said...

Amazing photography from really talented artists! Good luck!

Unknown said...

Such talented photographers! Wishing you all great sales success!

Dell Cove Spice said...

Very clever idea - and GORGEOUS imagery! Good luck with the show!

KatersAcres said...

WOW! What awesome photographers, they have so much talent. I'm so glad you are participating and I sincerely hope that the virtual show goes well for you!

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Good luck... very nice collection of artists.

Linda B said...

This is huge, wish you lots of success, there's a great variety here.

IsabellesAttic said...

beautiful prints, great way to promote all the wonderful talents!

vintagebyrachel said...

All of the pictures are SO pretty difficult even to choose which one you like the most ....