Monday, 20 December 2010

It's Christmas, It's Christmas

Ok, it's almost Christmas!  I've been missing from blog posts lately besides my weekly features!  So, here goes!

Christmas is almost here and with that comes a long list of things to do!

1. Sew husband's shirt.
2. Sew son's shirt.
3. Sew my top.
4. Finish making a gift for mother in law.
5. Wrap ALL our gifts.
6. Package goody bags for Sunday School program at church.
7. Deliver remaining Christmas cards.
8. Grocery shopping for Christmas supper at our house with friends.
9. Make food for Christmas supper.
10. Make food for Boxing day lunch at in laws.
11. Remove all photos from camera memory card---but first back up!
12. I must be missing a few things!

Ok, I'm starting with number 11!  Number 8 and 7 are scheduled for today and hopefully number 2 and starting on number 1!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!   May you experience the true joy of that very first Christmas 2010 years ago in a stable in Bethlehem!  May Jesus be the reason for your holiday season as well!

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