Monday, 17 October 2011

Baby BNR Bash

There it is...the big twin belly.  Like I warned you all, I'm not very photogenic.  I'm better behind the camera. LOL

Here's how it works:


1. Call out shop you'd like to buy ANY ITEM FROM. Min $5. (see comment below)

2. Wait for curator ok.

3. Post your purchase amount & transaction # .

4. Post item you'd like featured.

Minimum buy in $5.00 after discount, before shipping.

Each additional $5.00 per purchase entitles you to an extra entry (ie. $10 purchase after discount, before shipping = 2 tickets).

Have 10 friends come by and say you referred them and receive one ticket. Each shop can only be referred by one shop, not multiple shops.

For each ticket (entry), please convo the following information to :

Crystal's Twin's birth date/s:

Twins birth times:

Twins birth weights: (in pounds)

Twins birth lengh: (in inches)

Genders of twins:

Someone wanted clues as well....

Due Date: November 21
Previous babies weight's were between 8 lbs 11 oz and 9 lbs 9 oz
I have a boy and a girl.

No more clues ;)


Jill Q said...

Who says you're not photogenic? I think you look cute-as-can-be❣

Elizabeth said...

Hot Mama!!!! You look great. Its hilarious, because for some reason I pictured you as a blond. Isn't it funny what we all think each other looks like.

watercolors said...

CONGRATS Chrystal.
So glad to see your picture.

You're going to be giving that camera a WORKOUT with those new little ones....IF you have time.