Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Coming Soon!

Treasury Features
As some of you have noticed, I've been featuring five treasuries on the weekend that I've been featured in throughout the week. As I put together this past weekend's blog with the treasuries, a thought came to mind.

Weekend Treasuries
Each weekend I will post five treasuries I've been featured in throughout the week.
I have a method I use as to which ones get featured.
After I've posted the treasuries, I convo all those featured, as well as the curators.

This weekend, I'd like to try something a little different.
I will feature five treasuries, convo everyone, and then have a little contest with it!

The way it will work is as follows:-vote for your favorite of five treasuries.
The curator with the most votes will get their shop featured on my blog in the following weekend when I post the next five treasuries.
Everyone who comes to vote will get a chance at winning a prize as well. Ways to enter will vary each week.

First Contest Dates

Come back February 10th to see what the prize will be and which treasuries are featured!

Other news
I have had to turn my comment moderation on as I have one particular person spamming my blog A LOT! Until I figure out how to deal with this, I'll have to continue in this fashion.  Please comment once and I will moderate comments throughout the day.

Back by request, bookmarks are now in stock again! You can find them in the Giftware section of my shop. Here are just a few of the designs:

BOGO section of shop is on for buy one get one free, free item to be of equal or lesser value of purchased item.

2013 Calendars are 30% off with FRENZY30 coupon code.


Unknown said...

This is a nice update with some beautiful photography. I'm sorry to hear about the spammer. I get quite a bit of that to my site, unfortunately, so have to leave the comment moderation on.

ariella42 said...

The contest sounds like a great idea! The bookmarks are awesome too!

Lori Bergmann said...

I think your treasury contest is a great idea and I'm sure the winners will really appreciate getting featured on your blog! I also love those new bookmarks!! *Ü*

Unknown said...

Good post! Your work is beautiful and I love the bookmarks!

Linda B said...

I'm so glad the bookmarks are back. I saw one you posted and loved it (then I picked up my book and guess what bookmark was in it? Yours)

The contest sounds fun.

Unknown said...

Great idea on the contest!

nangatesdesigns said...

I'm glad your bookmarks are back, too! Love them. Good luck with the contest!

Unknown said...

Awesome contest! Promoting on G+